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Writing is My Passion

Welcome to my works of passion.


Often referred to as a "Healer for the Soul", an "Interpreter for Souls" and a "Messenger from God", Psychic Medium Gaby's life has been a series of miraculous events, from the time she was conceived right up to present day.

The first miracle she remembers was at the age of three, when her hand was crushed by a car door, resulting in the middle finger of her right hand being mangled. Her grandmother took her hand in hers and prayed to the Sacred Heart. Minutes later, Gaby's finger was healed.


After that, her grandmother tried to get her to go to church with her, but Gaby's response was, "God and I have a special relationship and I don't have to go to church. God is inside of me."

Today, with over 50 years of experience on earth as an empath, intuitive and medium, she shares her wisdom and practical approach to spirituality, as well as her own spiritual development, including her disconnection and re-connection to her relationship with God.

In this heartwarming and lighthearted book, Gaby details some of the most impactful and remarkable stories from her practice as a psychic medium and energy medicine practitioner, as well as her own miraculous events, some of which brought her to her knees, only to show her the power of source love and true empowerment.

She believes that when we feel disconnected from Source, it is only our awareness of that connection which is blocked because we're never disconnected from Source. In fact, we cannot be disconnected because we are Source energy.

Gaby's mission is to empower her clients to live their authentic life fearlessly. She is the author of several creative non-fiction books.

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Eulogy of a Superhero Book Cover

Eulogy of A Superhero

Eulogy of a Superhero is an inspirational story of forgiveness and empowerment presented in a collection of raw, unapologetic, and touching stories depicting some of the most significant experiences from Psychic Medium Gaby's life, which took her over 30 years to give birth to because she had to write them from a perspective of wisdom vs. victim.

People who know her have commented, "Your life is like a Hollywood movie."

The book explores the difficult relationship with her mother in more than one lifetime, and guides us through her struggle in the light-shadow dynamic of trauma to find her way out of a deeply convoluted web of limiting beliefs and sabotaging behaviors, which affected every aspect of her life.

One of the most painful moments in her journey was the loss of her mother, whom she considers her superhero - an extraordinary woman who was tremendously flawed.


That intensely emotional event led to her releasing the belief that she needed to be the superhero in every story, while at the same time, forcing her to step into her bad-ass power.

Rather than allowing her past to anchor her in victimhood, she chose instead to see the lessons in each difficult moment from a higher perspective and, by doing so, found her way to compassion, understanding, unconditional self-love and inner peace.

Today, she facilitates that journey for others through mindset retraining and empowerment, as well as her writing.

Coming Soon!

The Dating Adventures of My Travelling Panties

Update: This book will be revised and re-released soon under a different title!

Gaby wrote her first book about her dating misadventures under the pseudonym of E. Riley:

Ever been on a bad date?

Ella Riley has been on a few. So have her friends, some of who've suddenly found themselves thrust into singlehood after being in long-term relationships for the past twenty years.

None of them expected to meet the unique characters that they encountered, nor the indoctrination that they would receive. Dating has certainly taken on a new avatar in the e-world of the 21st Century.

In this highly entertaining book, E. Riley depicts their bizarre and often hilarious dating experiences, as well as her own commentaries about dating in the New World.

Coming Soon
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