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What if I told you that you are a Miracle?

Often referred to as a "Healer for the Soul", an "Interpreter for Souls" and a "Messenger from God", Psychic Medium Gaby's life has been a series of miraculous events, from the time she was conceived right up to present day.

The first miracle she remembers was at the age of three, when her hand was crushed by a car door, resulting in the middle finger of her right hand being mangled. Her grandmother took her hand in hers and prayed to the Sacred Heart. Minutes later, Gaby's finger was healed.


After that, her grandmother tried to get her to go to church with her, but Gaby's response was, "God and I have a special relationship and I don't have to go to church. God is inside of me."

Today, with over 50 years of experience on earth as an empath, intuitive and medium, she shares her wisdom and practical approach to spirituality, as well as her own spiritual development, including her disconnection and re-connection to her relationship with God.

In this heartwarming and lighthearted book, Gaby details some of the most impactful and remarkable stories from her practice as a psychic medium and energy medicine practitioner, as well as her own miraculous events, some of which brought her to her knees, only to show her the power of source love and true empowerment.​

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