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Do you have difficulty with self-confidence,

self-esteem, anxiety and self-doubt?

Do you know you're a strong, capable woman in so many ways,

yet fear pops-up at the worst moments and

prevents you from reaching your true potential?

Do you want to end the inner conflict between

good girl/bad girl,

what you want/what others expect from you,

and be unafraid of being you?

Because let's face it,

you're going to be judged no matter what,

so be judged for being your beautiful and capable you.

Do you work in a high level corporate positions?

Are you a type-A personality, go-getter, solopreneur or entrepreneur,

who experiences self-doubt, imposter syndrome,

negative self-talk, people pleasing, anxiety and overwhelm?

Let me ask you, have you done the therapy route

with some, but not enough, success?

The cost of fear runs high and wide.

Fear robs you from the opportunities you deserve,

like your dream job, the raise you know you deserve,

the business you've been dreaming of starting,

healthy relationships,

and living the life you are worthy of.

It keeps you anchored in past trauma,

old programming, shame, guilt, old belief systems,

negative emotions and behavior patterns.

But what if I told you that you could transform

your fear into power in just three months?


I've been there.

I too, had the thoughts and beliefs

going through my head that kept me from

living the life I knew I deserved:

"You're not enough"

"Who do you think you are?"

"You don't know enough"

"You don't belong in this boardroom"

"Who's going to want you?"

"What makes you think this will work?"


I was so afraid of failing and disappointing,

that I kept myself hidden away,

out of sight, out of mind.


But part of me desperately wanted to command respect

and feel great about being in the spotlight,

be seen and heard.

I just didn't know how to do it.

I did the therapy thing, but it only took me so far.

Every time I wanted to make significant changes,

I went back to old behaviors.

Even when I took the leap of starting my own business,

I self-sabotaged and burned out to the point

where I nearly died working myself to the ground.

Are you tired of spending thousands of dollars

and hours on techniques that haven't really given you

the results you were hoping for?

Are you tired of sacrificing yourself,

your goals and desires for those of others?

Are you ready to feel powerful in every situation,

live in peace, feel in control of your life,

experience true freedom,

love yourself unconditionally, 

and be unafraid to be you,

fearlessly and unapologetically?

Are you ready to learn the tools to neutralize fear effectively

whenever it comes up for you in the future?

All this in less than 3 months?

Let's talk about how I can guide your

transformation into your authentic empowered version, 

so you can get that promotion, start that business, feel safe in any situation,

write that book, have healthy relationships, put your needs first,

get healthy, experience true intimacy, let go of the anger or grief

or other emotions that aren't serving you anymore,

trust your decisions, give yourself permission to live to the fullest

and prove to yourself that you can achieve anything.

Do I take on anyone on as a client?



You must be coachable, open and 100% committed. 

Not 99% committed, 100% committed.

Book a free consultation to see if we're a good fit.

Confident Woman

What Clients Are Saying

"Thank you, Gaby. Before I came to see you, I was feeling anxious and overwhelmed. Living in self-doubt was a cloud that always hung there above me. On the outside I was cheerful, but, on the inside, my ego had waged a war on how I ‘should’ live and be. I had many stories that were not serving me well and they became a hindrance to moving forward. However, our coaching sessions changed all that and put me on a healthier and more peaceful path. The guided meditations broke down old beliefs and conditioning. I moved from anxious to peaceful, and from self-doubt to empowerment. Now, I have a clearer, improved, and calmer energy. Thank you for creating a safe space for me to express myself and build a foundation to move onward."- J.D. Toronto, Ontario.

"It's amazing how effective it was! It’s like I was walking around with this pebble in my shoe, then after the recoding session, the pebble was gone! The gnawing worries, anxiety and criticism I would have to fight off was suddenly gone, amazing! Freeing up energy to work on things I always planned to do, but never did. The procrastination is gone and I am now living the life I dreamed for myself. Thank you, Gaby!" 

L.T. - Toronto

"I had tried many things to try to reduce my anxiety and negative self-talk before going through coaching with Gaby. Working with Gaby has been a long-lasting transformation I have not been able to sustain with anything else. She really listens and caters her session to what you want to achieve. Her energy is very calming and I always leave feeling relaxed and refreshed.“- L.C. - Toronto

"Gaby helped me overcome limiting beliefs and helped ease my anxieties to a point where they no longer show up in my physical body. Her coaching transformed my relationships with others and most importantly, my relationship with myself. I am forever thankful for the work that she does and would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone looking to make lasting habits for good!" -M.K. (Toronto)

"Before meeting Gaby, I was always second guessing myself, the decisions I made, questioning my future and career path. My days were typically filed with anxiety, fear of the future and 'what ifs'. Now, after going through the choaching, I know my self-worth, what I'm truly capable of, and simply trust myself. I'm more aware of where I'm putting my energy and focus on positive things, which are within my control. I'm now going on with my days free of anxiety, more confident in myself, and know that I what I'm capable of." - C.M. (Toronto)

"As a first-time mom about to send her son to daycare, I was feeling a lot of anxiety, fear, guilt, sadness and questioning myself. After going through my coaching with Gaby, literally the next day, I felt the complete opposite - light, happy, confident, excited and a strong 'knowing' that this was the best decision for him, me and our family. The thing I love most about this transformation is that I saw results super fast! It really does feel like 'magic'. - P.P. (Toronto)

"After going through the coaching sessions, I recovered the ability to manage my emotions in such a way that I can get through life in peace, and now I've got the tools to deal with any triggers that come up for me in the future. This program works! - F.V. (Brampton)

"I struggled with extremely debilitating depression, anxiety and PTSD for almost 10 years, and over that time, I tried every treatment and therapy I could find. I can honestly say that nothing has come even close to helping me as much as this transformation. The work we did together has empowered me on a very deep level and I cannot recommend her highly enough." - S.F. (Scotland)

"I highly recommend this process! Since completing it, my anxiety level is drastically reduced. I no longer obsess over my weight & appearance, and I'm able to speak my mind without overthinking everything! I feel a renewed sense of self-worth and take more time to take care of me."- N.L. (Guelph)

Empowerment & Mindset Retraining require access into deeper parts of your unconscious mind for behavior changes to be effective.


I use a variety of techniques to gently 'massage' the mind into letting go of old behavior patterns that may have served you in the past (survival), but need to be released for you to move into your empowered self.

The process is simple and multi-dimensional. The sessions feel like guided meditations, but are much more powerful and work on a mental, emotional, physical and quantum/energetic level. The changes are subtle, yet transformational.

In less than 3 months, you'll convert fear into empowerment and have the skills to neutralize any future triggers.

What you need to know about the I Am Fearless™ Transformation:

  • It's effective and fast ​

  • ​It's transformational

  • It gently guides you into the empowered version of you that's waiting to shine onto the world

  • It bridges the gap between wanting to change behaviors and actually changing them

  • It saves you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars doing traditional talk therapy

  • You experience a new way of freedom and peace within

  • It's safe and private

  • You stop being a people pleaser and get comfortable saying "no" to others

  • You're able to develop better relationships with yourself and with others

  • You step into your confident self

  • You stop being afraid to express your true thoughts and emotions

  • You earn the respect of others and be unafraid to be 'seen' and 'heard'

  • You stop having limiting beliefs about money

  • You stop resisting change and be more in the flow of life

  • You're able to face negative emotions, recognize them, honor them and transform them 

  • You're able to relax anywhere, anytime

  • You let go of self-doubt

  • You identify negative beliefs, including the fear of not having enough, and change them to new belief systems effectively

  • You transform negative self-talk into positive self-talk

  • You become comfortable being kind, compassionate and patient with yourself and others

  • You tap into your inner wisdom

  • You learn to love and accept yourself unconditionally

  • You learn to identify resistance and neutralize it

  • You learn skills to deal with future triggers effectively

  • You learn to make friends with the emotions you once feared, such as anger and fear

  • I am present for you every time we meet and support you every step of the way

  • I'll be brutally honest with you and unconditionally loving through your journey

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